CAP interview experience of a GEM

Mihir Dharap
Mar 24, 2021


10th: 93.67% (Maharashtra State Board)
12th: 88.62% (Maharashtra State Board)
UG: 8.25/10 (BITS Pilani, Electrical and Electronics)
6 months of work ex as on 31/01/2021

Interview duration: 6–7 mins


1. Where are you from?

2. What do you like most about Mumbai?

3. What did you learn staying in Mumbai?

4. Tell me about yourself

5. What is silicon? (Working in memory industry)

6. Name some other semiconductors

7. Difference between Alternators and Generators

8. What is AC and DC?

9. We use which one of them at home? Why?


1. Tell me an incident in detail from your graduation or work where you showcased managerial skills

2. What managerial skills did you showcase in this incident?

3. Tell me 5 highlights of this years budget