IIM Calcutta interview experience of a GEM

Mihir Dharap
3 min readMar 22, 2021


10th: 93.67% (Maharashtra State Board)
12th: 88.62% (Maharashtra State Board)
UG: 8.25/10 (BITS Pilani, Electrical and Electronics)
6 months of work ex as on 31/01/2021

Interview duration: 28 mins

M1: (Wished them a good morning and a Happy Maha Shivratri)

1. Are you following any upwaas or something today? (Told that I am celebrating the festival personally but know about my culture and also have a holiday in my office today)

2. Where are you currently working?

3. What challenges did you face in your job and how did you tackle them?

4. Why do you want to do an MBA?

5. Why do you want to work on product management?

6. Which part of it?

7. What are product managers and what do they do?

8. A fruit seller sells 40Banana for Rs1, 1M for Rs 3 and 1A for Rs 5. You have 100 rs and have to buy 100 fruits then how will you buy? (Answered instantly and said that 1 will require a minute to find if there are multiple solutions possible but he said no need)


1. Of the fruit distribution you talked about, we want to distribute them to 8 kids one by one. What is the probability that the 8th kid gets a mango? (Started explaining the logic and the answer I got was 1/100. He was very convinced by my logic but when I answered he said you made some mistake somewhere. Idk how.)

2. So what is the science behind HDDs and SSDs? (Explained well)

3. What is NAND flash?

4. Which is more reliable between HDDs and SSDs? (Till this point it was all smooth, this is were trouble began)

5. Definition of reliability (Did not know. Asked for 15 seconds and answered what I felt it means)

6. We say Toyota cars are reliable, what do we mean by that?

7. If we have to judge a person in the team with company secrets, how do we say that he is reliable?

8. So is it necessary for someone to prove his reliability before you can trust him?

9. Guesstimate the HDD laptop in your city (Absolutely no idea. Started with population of Mumbai. Working and students might have a laptop/desktop. Students are poor so might have HDD. Working folks will have SSD laptops for work and some might have SSD personals also. Took these assumptions and ended up with population/4 devices in Mumbai with HDD devices.

10. This number feels a bit high. Where do you think you went wrong? (Said we might need more data of students and people in tech jobs)

11. What is the growth rate of your company?

12. How will you calculate the growth of your company?

Both asking together:

1. How was your experience in this interview? Were the technical aspects fine?

2. Are you stressed?

3. Do you have any questions for us?

4. Which is the best IIM? (I answered for me ABC are the best but — (Cut me here). They said “You have answered enough. You can log off”)

Was bit unhappy the way it ended. Not sure if I should have outright said C (I guess I should have).

Wished them a good day and logged off