IIM Kozhikode interview experience of a GEM

Mihir Dharap
2 min readMar 25, 2021

10th: 93.67% (Maharashtra State Board)
12th: 88.62% (Maharashtra State Board)
UG: 8.25/10 (BITS Pilani, Electrical and Electronics)
6 months of work ex as on 31/01/2021

IIM Kozhikode interview experience

GEM 99.99%ile (Acads 93/88/82) 7 month work ex

15 mins


1. Tell me something about your work ex

2. Do you like your current job? Why do you want to leave it?

3. So why do you want to do an MBA?

4. How do you think you will succeed in an MBA?

5. What was your rank in college?

6. You have mentioned C, C++ in your form (I hadn’t, idk why they said so), how good are you at those? (Told that I use C in my day to day work as that is the best for coding hardwares and a bit of python. Have exposure to C++ and Java from college days but have lost touch)

7. What is abstraction? (Told that it is an OOP concept and had studied in college but have lost touch as not used in the past 2 years)

8. Why is C++ called C++? (Did not know factually, but guessed using some logics, he was happy with the answer)

9. Who invented C++? (Said I don’t know)


1. What are your hobbies?

2. Where is love used in sports like badminton and tennis?

3. What does it mean and why not called 0? (Said I don’t know)

4. What other calls do you have?

5. If you convert all, which college would you join and why?