IIM Shillong interview experience of a GEM

Mihir Dharap
1 min readMar 22, 2021


10th: 93.67% (Maharashtra State Board)
12th: 88.62% (Maharashtra State Board)
UG: 8.25/10 (BITS Pilani, Electrical and Electronics)
6 months of work ex as on 31/01/2021

Interview duration: 11–12 mins


1. Who is Mihir? And what does he do currently?

2. You are earning already what many people earn post MBA, why do you want to pursue one?

3. Tell me some recent events and how have they impacted Indian business. (Told about covid and US-China tech war)


1. How does an induction motor work?

2. How does a turbine work?

3. What components are used in building a turbine?

4. At what angle should the turbine blades be? (Did not know)

5. What are captive motors? (Did not know)

6. What is the significance of nano technology? (Tried to bring him to electronics from electrical as that was my industry and explained using example of memory devices)

7. You have submitted that you played badminton at district level and were placed runner up, can you show any proof for that? (Asked for a moment to get the certificate and showed it)

That’s all